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Webinars are great, give them a stunning line about what they'll learn

This Webinar Will Blow Your Mind

Sometimes you just need to say a lot. When you have a large block of content to add layouts like this are helpful. The copy doesn't feel cramped when you lay out a page with proper padding and spacing. It helps readers scan copy if they'd like, or just cut through the crap and convert.

If you're really feeling long-winded you can load even more copy. Be sure to break it up a bit. No one wants to read 3,000 words of block content. You'd be better served to layer in some bullet points or even a video if you're feeling frisky. If you do write this much copy on a conversion page you'd be wise to be on point with the value prop. Use this space to really drive home the value of the offer so the visitor is compelled to act.

Keep the education train going. Give readers more content to explain why you're relevant. Tell them what's in it for them. Give them the overview of what you solve and they’ll be intrigued.


You'll want to promote the speakers. They're generally the draw.

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The way they went about the video asset creation process has allowed us to repurpose the video content in so many ways. Whether it be for marketing collateral, social advertising, website content and sales outreach; the deliverable included it all.
Mr. Donnelly
What they came up with is simply amazing and the work truly speaks for itself.  All in all, the ease of working with their team, the creativity and overall ROI in such a short period of time far surpassed our expectations.
Ms. Johnson
If you're looking for help promoting, hosting, and marketing your next webinar, turn to Revenue River. They have a full Multimedia team capable of executing on a variety of audio/visual goodness. Give 'em a call, they'll drop it like it's hot!
They Them Someone